Jesus Cares For You

Jesus Cares For You



Monday, November 9, 2009

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit's home is the human body. "Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit." Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." In the Old Testament times the Holy Spirit's work as indicated in the Scriptures was in creation, renewing the face of the earth, inspiring men to write the Holy Oracles of God, and coming upon men for special operations and special works of might and leadership. His permanent home then was in the tabernacle, afterwards the temple.

The Holy Spirit did not make His permanent home in the body of man then, because man was spiritually dead, a child of the Devil though he lived under the Blood Covenant and was sheltered by the Atonement Blood. He could not make His home in the human body until man had been recreated. This could not take place until Christ had come and paid the penalty of sin, taken His seat as Mediator, and sent Eternal Life to the men and women who would take Him as Savior and Lord.

The Holy Spirit's work today is first, that of a convicter of the world. He does this through the preaching of God's Word, through the Living Word in the lives of believers, through the written word, the Scriptures, or spiritual literature. His work in the individual members of the Family of God is that of a Teacher, Guide, Comforter, and Sanctifier. The Holy Spirit's home is in the heart of God's Children, but He does not come into every believe at the New Birth. The New Birth is receiving the life and nature of God. This makes him a child of God and a human temple for the Holy Spirit to indwell. After he is born again, he has a legal right to ask the Holy Spirit to come into his body and make it His home.